Kara’s Top 10 Places in (or around) Bailey Hall to Nap

By Kara Headley

It’s here. Finals week is finally upon us. A time full of panic, misery, all-nighters, and too much coffee for one body to handle.

This is you currently:


That’s just no way to live. You’re probably not getting enough sleep, but have no fear. I have the perfect solution for you: Naps.

“But my roommate is studying,” you say. “I can’t nap in my room! Where else could I possibly go?”

Don’t you worry for another second. Here is Kara’s Top 10 Places in (or around) Bailey Hall to Nap.

Number 10: The Laundry Room


Pros: It’s warm here.

Cons: Too many people coming and going. People get mad when they can’t get to the washers. Loud. Uncomfortable.

Number 9: Elevator



Pros: Constant motion should lull you into a peaceful sleep.

Cons: You might be stepped on. If you forget your ID you’re not going anywhere.

Number 8: On the Reception Desk


Pros: If you’re expecting a package, you don’t have to go very far.

Cons: Someone else might be expecting a package.

Number 7: The Greenhouse


Pros: Peaceful. If you’re willing to lay in dirt, it’s quite comfortable.

Cons: Compost smells bad and it’s way too cold.

Number 6: On the Treadmill


Pros: The worn treadmill gives you something comfortable to sleep on.

Cons: So. Much. Sweat.

Number 5: The Fishbowl


Pros: Usually pretty clean, usually pretty quiet.

Cons: Everyone can see you.

Number 4: A Unisex Bathroom


Pros: You can close the door and have the place to yourself.

Cons: Risky. Might smell. Might not be clean.

Number 3: Third Floor Commons



Pros: Quiet. Clean.

Cons: People come here to study, and part of the point of napping is to avoid studying, not get closer to it.

Number 2: With the Recycling.



Pros: As a RISE kid, you should feel truly at home and peaceful among the recycling.

Cons: With everything precariously perched, the recyclables might fall on you.

Number 1: The RISE Office


Pros: Plenty of places to choose from. During the day it’s pretty quiet. Laurie and Heather might join you.

Cons: ???

Photo Credit: Rachael Cohen



2 Comments Add yours

  1. This was awesome haha and pretty much what I’m seeing everywhere around campus over the next two weeks!


  2. rachealchris says:

    Good job Kara!
    I love this post.


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