Aromatherapy is for Everyone!

By: Annie Dubois

I used to be a candle fiend until I came to college. As time grew closer to move-in day, I became increasingly worried about how I would de-stress from a long day without burning my favorite Bath and Body Works candles. Then, I opened a graduation present that soothed my worries— there lied the oil diffuser. At first, I wasn’t sure how to work it, how often I should use it, and what scents I should use. As I began to use my diffuser, I started to realize how much more I actually preferred it over my go-to candles. For starters, there’s absolutely no fire hazard if you happen to be the irresponsible type. Secondly, it’s way better for your health. It turns out that the artificial scents in candles have the potential to be filled with chemicals, alcohol, and other impurities. To add to this, companies don’t legally have to list out ingredients in their candles. That requires a lot of trust from ourselves as consumers to give to companies that could potentially be harming our health.

As a newly turned oil diffuser user, I was determined to find the scents that I liked best. What I found out through this quest that there’s not only tons of different oils to choose from, but they each benefit you in a unique way. Sounds like a win-win to me. Here are a few of my favorites!

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is extracted from the Aloysia Citrodora plant, which is native to Chile. The oil is steam distilled from the plant’s leaves and then becomes the amazing essential oil we use in our diffusers. This oil is awesome because it helps alleviate the effects of anxiety and depression, and helps draw our minds back to productive and positive thoughts. Having the lemony scent radiate throughout my room has helped a lot, especially when I’m trying to concentrate on studying and when I’m having an anxiety-provoking day.

Balsam Fir Needle

My roommate Sophie recently got this oil for her diffuser and I’m in love with it. It’s perfect for this time of year because it smells exactly like a freshly cut Christmas tree. One of the things I’ve missed most about being home is how welcoming and warm my house feels and smells around Christmastime. Having this oil diffusing gives me the same warm feeling I get when my family is decorating the tree with Christmas tunes playing after a humongous, yummy breakfast. This oil is extracted from the Fir needles, which are commonly found on traditional Christmas trees, and then steam distilled. These needles hold tons of compounds that make this oil essential to maintaining health while giving off an earthy, woodsy scent. The main benefits of the Balsam Fir Needle oil is that it helps fight sore throats, fatigue, and respiratory infections, meaning it’s great for when you’re coming down with that annual winter cold.


If you’re looking for an essential oil specifically aimed toward focus and concentration—especially during finals—Peppermint oil is right for you. Peppermint oil is gathered by steam distillation of the ariel pieces of the plant. Although it is a strong scent, when I diffuse Peppermint oil, it’s usually when I’m feeling drowsy or tired and need to get some work done. I’m also prone to tension headaches and migraines, and I’ve found that diffusing Peppermint oil has helped immensely with these issues. Peppermint is also known to fight off nausea, so it’s a great natural method of soothing your stomach.


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