By Racheal Chris

Inspired by Dr Scott Becker, Director of the Counseling Center, MSU

In the next generation, we might have serious depression amongst young children because of this crazy technology rush.

In this day and era, people have less time and find it hard to talk to people physically (face-to-face) because they prefer the ease that comes with being behind a screen and texting whatever they want to, even if they don’t actually mean it.

Sometimes, people say that they use their phones or social media to relax, but that isn’t ideal because, in the long run, they end up doing other things on the internet. You realize that when clicking on one thing you want to watch or read, other distractions will start popping up in flashes and bright colours. This tends to get us off guard and we start looking into these different sites.

Internet and social media are good but we shouldn’t use them as replacements for all things such as relaxing and connecting with people.

We can relax in many other natural ways like walking around, doing some sports, watching a movie and many more.  

Thinking about it environmentally, whenever you use your gadget, the battery life decreases so you get to plug in a power source and charge more often. It even becomes worse if you’re always connected to the internet because the battery is drained more quickly and easily. This means you will charge your gadget more than twice a day.

Actually, some people even purchase “power banks” to carry around and increase their phone’s chance of battery life!

This is all consuming energy which in turn affects the environment.

With all this constant use of devices and internet, the primitive brain gets overwhelmed which in the long run causes depression and sometimes psychological trauma.

If this device and internet usage aren’t controlled, we are going to become monsters of our own selves and the people around us because all we care about is how many likes, comments and followers we have on all social media platforms.

You don’t need social media comments and likes to be happy. Being happy is about yourself, not the things surrounding you. Slow down, turn off the internet and gadgets, and reconnect with friends and the beautiful environment.

Disconnect from social media and connect with nature!



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