Time transitions

By Racheal

Last week, we had a time transition, and we lost an hour of sleep. I didn’t know how much impact this would have on my daily schedule, but for some reason, I have had a hard time trying to catch up with this new time zone.

On Sunday, I wondered why I was so resistant to get out of my bed after my usual alarm clock went off. Little did I know the time had changed. As if that wasn’t enough, I decide to go to bed the normal time I have been doing so but, I spend over an hour without sleep, just gazing into my dark room.

Anyway, on the brighter side, having more of the sun than the snow has boosted my mood. Wearing light and more comfortable clothing brings happiness. The environment has a great impact on me, I realize​!

In as much as this has been hard for me, losing an hour of sleep, I love that beautiful Spring is here, and this gives me the ​ motivation to grind through every situation. I have also learned to embrace the fact that change is constant, and it’s your attitude towards change that will help you make a difference.

Change always happens in life, and being able to accept and transition into a new phase with a positive mindset, will help you catch up quickly and easily with any circumstances.


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