Hard Way or Smart Way

I got fascinated by the ease with which my friends or the people around me used to solve Rubik’s Cubes. I would always observe them turning the cube, I could feel and see a secret discussion between them and each squared colour on the cube. For some reason, I never asked them how they did it until two weeks ago when I suddenly had the curiosity to finally pierce that mystery.

First I went in with the method I will later call hard way. I started by watching youtube videos and repeating whatever the person was doing without trying to understand. I was just trying to memorize the moves and not asking why this was the perfect move at each moment. Obviously, my mind could not keep up with all the moves and all the different situations they need to be applied to. Then as my saviors, my Bailey Hall second floor boys came in and helped me learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube the smarter way. They explained each move to me, and most importantly, they gave me the logic behind each moves. With their help, I can now solve a normal 3×3 Rubik’s Cube without having to memorize the moves but just by watching and understanding where each color block is and where it needs to be next in order for the cube to be solved.

This learning opportunity showed me that there is always two ways of solving any problem, even environmental issues. As my friend Jaime Davidson pointed out with organic and conventional farming, instead of killing the nature and trying to recreate it chemically (hard way), we as humans should learn to understand the nature and work with it (smart way). And from my own perspective, I believe that we, humans, are only creating solutions to problems that we have created. For instance, climate change and global warming are problems today because we produce too much greenhouse gases than nature can naturally handle. Even more, we do not help with cutting trees, then limiting nature from solving our issues. Consequently, we tried to solve those same issues the hard way by making thing grow faster, bigger, or replacing them. I will admit that we need these solutions, but the chemicals that we use will certainly create diseases and other problems that we will need to create solutions for again.

So, even in the case of my Rubik’s Cube, I still had to memorize some moves but I now understand that it does not require me to start all over again when I mess up. Therefore, I believe that the smart way will not be the only solution. In order to solve our environmental issues, we need both conventional methods to scaling up at the demand’s level what the organic method can’t. However, we should always start with a better understanding of the nature at the center of everything so that we do not create more problems than the world already have.


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