To Tea or Not to Tea

By: Annie Dubois

I don’t know about you, but whenever I receive a questionnaire and one of the questions reads, “coffee or tea” I wish whoever made the forum would consider that maybe there are people that prefer both— me being one of them. I will say, however, that although tea and coffee share the commonality of wondrous caffeine, tea has much more substantial benefits than coffee. There, I said it. Maybe I am a tea fan.


After recently being diagnosed with a nasty case of bronchitis and always having some sort of medicine in my system, I got to thinking… are there other ways I can combat this nasty virus? Then it came to me: tea!


If you’re sick, which I’m guessing a good portion of you are, then I’m here to help. Here are two teas that help me feel better when the seasonal sickness just doesn’t seem to be loosening its grip.


White Tea— daytime


The cool thing about white tea is that it comes from the same plant, camellia sinensis, as green and black tea, but has very different properties because it is the least processed. This causes it to be rich in antioxidants, which aids in reducing inflammation!


Lemon Verbena— nighttime


It’s no secret that inflammation is the root of your cold. So, it’s to your advantage that lemon verbena reduces inflammation! Not only that, but it reduces cough and fever as well. I recommend sipping on this tea before bed, as we all know how especially hard it can be to get to sleep when you’re sick, and unlike white tea, there’s no caffeine. This is because lemon verbena is an herbal tea and doesn’t come from a tea plant.


Add these to your tea!!


  • Ginger root: I use ginger root powder (which can be found at any organic food market) in my tea when I’m sick to help reduce inflammation. Ginger root is great because it kills off rhinoviruses, which are the cause of most common colds.



  • Honey: not only is honey delicious, but it acts as a cough suppressant and an aid for sore throats.




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