Advice with Nana Volume I

Nana, This weather is crazy and I don’t know how to dress for 50 degrees in the morning and 80 later in the day, what should I do??

Weather in Michigan for the past two weeks has been so up and down it’s really hard to know exactly how you should dress. For me, what I usually do is wear an outfit I would wear for an 80 degree day but I would wear a jacket that morning so I wouldn’t be too cold. But there are many outfit combos you can do to fit the different weather patterns.

  1. Short Sleeves, Light Jacket, and Jeans, Birkenstocks/sandals
  2. Long Sleeves and Shorts/Skirt, converse/sneakers
  3. Short Sleeves, Light Jacket,  Leggings, and converse/sneakers
  4. Long Sleeves, Leggings, and Birkenstocks

These are a few of the outfit combos I do on days like this and I feel very comfortable throughout the whole day.

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