What’s wrong with this picture?

By Chloe Trofatter

           Last week, I walked through campus taking in the beauty of Michigan State University. I walked around neighborhoods, through gardens, and along the Red Cedar River. And something that absolutely amazed me was – even with all of the wonderful things I saw – I saw just as much… trash. Wrappers, water bottles, takeout containers. You name it, it was floating around campus. Being in the RISE program surrounds me with a lot of like-minded, environmentally conscious individuals. It makes me forget that not everyone else on campus carries the same concern.

           Last week was a series of ten photos embracing our university’s natural charm. This week, I wanted to showcase what I saw just outside of the frame.




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  1. I love how you framed the non-belongings. Nature and waste becomes more or less a dualistic symbiosis and you did a great job by taking the pictures the way you did. (I do however hope that people will recognise trash as something that has only one habitat; the trash can.:))


    1. chloetrofatter says:

      Thank you, and I agree!


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