Advice with Nana Volume II

Nana, My chem class is really hard and now I’m having second thoughts about my major. What do I do?

Honestly, I was in the same boat as you last year. I was really just struggling through my STEM classes and it made me question everything about my major. To give you some context, in the beginning of Fall Semester last year, I was a Human Biology major on a Pre-Dental track, and thought I was very passionate about it. As the semester went on I realized I wasn’t, and that’s when everything changed. The classes were hard yes, but I realized no matter what major I switched into there would be hard courses, so I knew the reason for the switch wasn’t because of those STEM classes. In your case, I would advise going to help rooms and office hours because those help a lot. Also, reach out to your peers for help. Last year I was very nervous to go to office hours because I didn’t want the professors to think I was dumb, and looking back at it now, one of the smartest things I could have done is seek help from them, because seeking help shows that you are taking the initiative to get better. Also, your friends are a great resource because they can explain things to you way better than a prof can sometimes. With all that being said, don’t let one class keep you from pursuing a major or career path you really want to go into. Believe in yourself and use the resources you have at your disposal and I’m sure everything will turn around for you.


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