96,000 Minutes

By Danielle Julien

For some time now, it seems like the only place a person can find happiness is within the tiny blue screen they hold in their hands. But for me, that happiness comes from a bigger, much brighter blue screen.

From the ripe old age of 13, I’ve been in love with movies. From the beginning, I loved the scenes. The setting. The sound. The music. The actors. Everything was beautiful. After each movie I would look up quotes and stills from my favorite scenes, scribbling them down on sheets of paper and printing out giant copies to hang on my wall. Then I bought a notebook, and it became my film book. I wrote down every movie I wanted to see and made a color key to code each film for how much I liked it. That first summer, the number of films I had written down grew to seventy. Then to one hundred. More and more I found new films, old films, indie films, big corporate films. There were so many films in existence I became overwhelmed by the sheer amount of time and money put into moving pictures. An obsession was brewing within me.

But I was sad that I hadn’t fallen in love with film sooner. I missed out on so many experiences of watching a movie for the first time in a terrible theater chair, feeling the sounds vibrate around me in a way that doesn’t happen when you watch it alone at home. I was young though, so I can’t blame myself entirely. Even if I had fallen in love with film at the age of 9 I wouldn’t have been able to talk my parents into letting me into theaters to see movies like Black Swan or Inglorious Bastards.

Even so, it still pains me to think I won’t be able to watch every movie I’ll ever want to watch. Even if I sat down every day and watched two movies, I’d never be able to watch everything. At this very moment, I have 800 movies in my watchlist (I know this thanks to the handy-dandy app “Letterboxd”). If we round every movie to 2 hours, so 120 minutes, and times that by 800, it equals 96,000 minutes, which equals 1,600 hours, which rounds up to 67 days. But that’s unreasonable. A human being can hardly handle a continuous sitting of every Harry Potter movie, so watching movies for 67 continuous days is out of the question. If I even so much as watched one movie a day, it would take me 800 days to watch every movie on my watchlist, and my watchlist is ever growing- it hasn’t been updated in a while, so who knows, 25+ more movies could be added to the total right now. My point is, with new movies being announced every day, no matter how many movies I watch, I’ll never be able to see them all.

But, I’ve been working to watch as many as I can. Between watching seasons of Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, and other shows, I’ve been able to cross quite a few movies off my watch list. From new award winners like La La Land and Moonlight to old winners like Brokeback Mountain and No Country for Old Men, and smaller productions like Prisoners and Beginners, I just kept watching movies.  And with 800 more to go, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

*Image from Vox


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