Blue Spaces

The calm you feel near water could be good for your health, a recent study found.

Urban green spaces have long been linked to health benefits. Access to areas like parks in a city setting have benefits to residents’ mental health.

But what about blue spaces?

A study recently found that Canadians who live near the water are more likely to live longer.

“As soon as you get to the cottage on the lake or the beach there’s this feeling… something intuitively that feels good,” said Dan Crouse, one of the lead researchers.

The study found that those living near blue spaces had a lower mortality rate than those who did not. Those who had access to blue spaces showed improved “self-reported general health, mental health, physical activity,” and lower rates of  “obesity, and cardiovascular-related conditions.”

Blue spaces are areas of water within an urban setting. Lakes, rivers, and waterfront are common examples. As blue spaces are harder to generate where they do not already exist, they tend to be less common than green spaces.

The residents did not have to actively interact with blue spaces- like swimming or boating. Being around blue spaces brings a sense of calm.

Read more here.


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