Sustainable Christmas

It’s the happiest time of the year!  It is also one of the more consumeristic times, too.  And sometimes, with consumerism comes waste. In the time where we are supposed to be good, we should be focused on becoming a better citizen when it comes to the environment.  Here are a few tips for making the holidays sustainable without taking out the fun.

  1. Make ornaments out of natural resources

Fall is beginning to end, meaning there are dead leaves, sticks, and other materials scattered about.  Rather than going out and buying more plastic ornaments, take into consideration creating your own unique design with materials that will go back into the earth.  Better yet, grab some family and friends to collaborate with and create deeper bonds through crafts.

  1. Ditch the car and walk around to check out decorations

If your town is like any old suburban, American town, the neighborhoods are quite spread out and the astonishing decorations are, as well.  And if your family is anything like my family, you love seeing all of them. But there is no need to see every single spruced up house in the area.  Walking around the block instead of driving all over not only gives you more time to take in all of the details of the decorations, but also gives you the opportunity to walk off the extra holiday food.

3. Reuse old decorations

Everybody wishes for a new, better look the following year when it comes to Christmas decor.  But to improve your style, you don’t need more things. You just need to use a bit of creativity.  Maybe use the spider webs of Halloween as extra snow, the red and green streamers from your last party to add more color, and anything else you can find and use.

4. Don’t wrap presents

Part of the tradition is opening up presents from a paper wrap.  To be honest, there’s not much use to this. The surprise is still there when you walk in, whether the gifts are covered or not.  But if you still wish to keep each individual present a surprise, put a blanket over them or hide them in other rooms and bring them in one by one.  That might make the morning even more suspenseful.

5. In fact- don’t ask for or give out material goods

In the season of giving, objects are not that important.  If you need to buy people something, buy them an experience.  Choose a good show to buy a ticket for. Book a hotel in a city they have been meaning to spend a weekend in.  Take them out to that fancy new restaurant everyone else has been raving about. But the best gift is to make donations in their name.  Choose an organization or cause they really care about and make the certificate or receipt they give you the present to open on Christmas morning.  That is one present that really captures the spirit of the giving holiday. 


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