About This Blog

Welcome to the official blog of the Michigan State University RISE Program!

RISE stands for Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment; as members of this organization, form a ever-growing living-learning community in Bailey Hall on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University. As environmental stewards, RISE students are committed to sustainability, social change, environmental health and stewardship, and community.

This blog was created by a group of RISE students in order to foster a space for peers to share their stories and let their voices be heard. This is a collaborative effort between staff, faculty, and students, and we are dedicated to publishing anything and everything related to RISE. If you are interested in adding your voice to the mix, we encourage you to contact us.

Meet the Staff


Chloe Trofatter, Editor, trofatte@msu.edu

My name is Chloe Trofatter and I am a writer and co-editor for the Sustainable Stories this year! I am a sophomore at Michigan State with a major in Photojournalism and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I stay involved on campus as a group leader with the RISE program, a core leader for Pay It Forward Tours, and a player on the women’s rugby team.  My dream is to travel the world and capture what I do and see. I love going to music festivals, watching movies, and photography, of course!

Danielle Julien
, Editor, julienda@msu.edu

Hey guys!! My name is Danielle Julien and I’m a sophomore at MSU studying Media & Information with a minor in Film Studies! I have a really big passion for movies and I hope to someday work somewhere along the production line of them! Writing about film is one of my favorite pastimes and I occasionally work on my own screenplays. Besides movies, I love music, yoga, and being outside in nature!


Faith M. Pan, Content Manager, panfaith@msu.eduIMG_3542-1[186]

Hello 🙂 I’m Faith M. Pan.  I am a freshman at Michigan State University studying interdisciplinary humanities with a focus in English, Public & Professional Writing, and Theatre.  I love reading, writing, and crafting, I am even working on my own novel. I can’t wait to see how far my writing will go and change while being part of the RISE Blog Team, and hope to help bring awareness to all the awesome things RISE has to offer.



Jim Camilleri, Content Manager, camill34@msu.edu

Hey! My name’s Jim and I am a freshman studying Microbiology and French at Michigan State University. In addition to being passionate about environmental stewardship, I love gardening, cooking and music… especially EDM. I’m excited to see how I grow through being a part of the RISE Blog Team!


Emma McCarthy, Content Manager, mccar526@msu.edu37443895490_5964541bfb_o

Howdy, everybody!  My name is Emma, and I am a freshman at MSU currently studying Integrative Biology.  I enjoy running, reading, writing, hiking, eating, learning, and just being in nature.  The natural world has always been fascinating to me, and I find it vital to spread awareness on how and why it is important to save our world.  And that is why I am writing for the RISE blog team- to help everybody stay informed! So if you ever have an issue you would like to be brought to light, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Anyways, I’m excited to be a part of the team. Now let’s start making a difference

Adrianna Pipe, Content Manager, pipeadri@msu.ed
Hi! My name is Adrianna Pipe and I am a freshman studying Political Science and Journalism. I love reading, painting, writing, and hammocking. I am immensely passionate about social and political issues and cannot wait to see how I can integrate my interests into the RISE blog team!

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