About This Blog

Welcome to the official blog of the Michigan State University RISE Program!

RISE stands for Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment; as members of this organization, form a ever-growing living-learning community in Bailey Hall on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University. As environmental stewards, RISE students are committed to sustainability, social change, environmental health and stewardship, and community.

This blog was created by a group of RISE students in order to foster a space for peers to share their stories and let their voices be heard. This is a collaborative effort between staff, faculty, and students, and we are dedicated to publishing anything and everything related to RISE. If you are interested in adding your voice to the mix, we encourage you to contact us.

Meet the Staff

cuteKara Headley, Editor, headleyk@msu.edu
Hello, my name is Kara and I’m a sophomore at MSU.  I am majoring in Professional Writing with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. I love to write, read, dance, and travel. I love being a part of RISE and I cannot wait to see where all this takes me.  A fun fact about me is I’m an award-winning costume designer and I can solve five different kinds of Rubik’s cubes. Feel free to contact me whenever and for whatever, I’m always down to chat!


Haylie May, Editor, mayhayli@msu.edu
Hi, my name is Haylie! I’m a second-year student majoring in English with a minor in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. Being an English major, I love reading and writing, so if you have any book recommendations feel free to give me some suggestions to add to my list. I also love making playlists on Spotify, drinking tea, watching Netflix, traveling, and taking artsy pictures of my cats. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to contact me!


IMG_7144Annie Dubois, Editor, duboisa6@msu.edu

Hi everyone, I’m Annie! I’m from Marshall, Michigan and I’m a Sophomore in RISE. I’m majoring in Professional Writing with a track in Editing and Publishing. In my free time I’m usually reading, hammocking, kayaking or writing. I’m really excited to be apart of the Blog Team because I’ve always been passionate about writing and I can’t wait to work with others who share this interest!


Christina Abel, Content Manager, abelchr2@msu.educhristina

Hi, my name is Christina Abel and I’m a freshman at MSU studying Biosystems Engineering. I love tennis, piano, creative writing, and you’ll often find me watching obscure documentaries on Netflix. Being new to RISE, I am already loving it, and am excited for the future!




Mimi Anagli, Content Manager, anagliem@msu.edumimi.png

Hi, my name is Mimi Anagli! I am a freshman double majoring in film studies and professional writing. I am hopefully going to minor in French and fiction filmmaking. I love to read, paint with watercolors, watch movies, travel, and be outdoors. A fun fact about me is that each of my siblings were born in a different country, and my whole family speaks French fluently except for me. I am really excited to grow my passion for the environment through writing and can’t wait to get to know the rest of the team!

Danielle Julien, Content Manager, julienda@msu.edudanielle

Hello everyone! My name is Danielle Julien and I’m a freshman studying Journalism. I am a huge fan of movies, so much so that I’m considering switching my major to film studies! I’m always down to talk about film and would love to hear what your favorite movie is! Besides movies, I love reading, writing, listening to music, and being out in nature. I’m excited to see where my time at MSU takes me and to meet many unique people along the way!


Audrey Knapman, Content Manager, knapman1@msu.eduaudrey

Hi, I’m Audrey. I’m a first year biosystems engineering major. I’m from the far away town of Holt. I like reading, writing, and, drawing. I’m excited to be a part of RISE and this blog. I hope you like my work!




Nana Krah, Advice Columnist, krahnana@msu.edunana.jpg

Hi my name is Nana and I’m a Sophomore at Michigan State. I am currently a Business Preference major hoping to major in Marketing with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In my free time I love going on adventures, shopping, hanging out with my friends, baking, and biking. I am really excited to be writing the advice column for Blog Team. If you need any advice feel free to email me and I’ll be sure to answer!

mattMatt Lane, Content Manager, lanemat2@msu.eduHi, my name is Matt and I’m a sophomore at Michigan State studying Computer Science. I love movies, coffee, and my potted plant son, Jeremy. Adopting him was what inspired me to join RISE, as I want to help make the world a safe place for all young plants. I hope to bring the passion of a single parent to the world of environmental blogging.

Chloe Trofatter, Content Manager, trofatte@msu.educhloe

Hi, my name is Chloe Trofatter and I am a freshman here at MSU. My plan is to major in journalism with a concentration in photojournalism. My dream is to travel the world and capture what I do and see. I love going to music festivals, watching movies, and photography, of course! I also love to act but haven’t gotten much of a chance to since high school. I joined the RISE program to gain more knowledge on how to live a sustainable life. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and can’t wait to see what I learn from both the program and being a part of the Blog Team!

23379971_1471058496344068_7415613922260502787_nRacheal Chris Nassimbwa, Content Manager
I am a first-year student majoring in Biomedical Laboratory science. I hope to have a minor in Environmental Sustainability. I enjoy writing hence the passion for joining the RISE blog team. Am interested in making friends and meeting new people. I like singing, swimming, dancing and watching Netflix. Am open minded and ready to learn more from everyone.


Carson Yenchar, Content Managercarson blog

Hello, my name is Carson, and I am a freshman. I am currently studying English with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. I love to write, read, watch movies, listen to music, hike, bike, and hang out with friends. I have a passion for theater and a very philosophical view on life. Words are very important to me because they help me create worlds that are only found in the imagination. RISE is an amazing program, and I am proud to be a part of it. Read to your heart’s delight, and stay weird!



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